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Great Record Co. Discography

Number Artist A Side Title B Side Title Release Date
1001 Bill Wesley Lets Live The Future So Sure Of You  
1002 Don Whitley It Sure Looks Lonesome Out Tonight I Don't Love Her (Not Too Much Anymore)  
1003 Mac Faircloth Part Time Sweetheart Who But You  
1004 Bill Floyd Hate Me For A While Blue And All Alone  
1005 Clyde Owens I Won't Wait Up Tonight Whatever Made You Think I Missed You So  
1010 Carolina Charlie Wiggs & the Four C's I Hurt Worse All Over It's So Funny What A Memory Will Do  
1015 Bill Floyd Wearing Out My Fingers They All Know You  
1020 Vic Norwin I Crept Into The Crypt And Cried Cabin In The Cotton  
1025 Fred Lewis The Arms Of a Fool I Know What You Mean  
1030 Mac Faircloth One Night Angel The Love I Couldn't Keep  
1035 Wayne Cagle Wait You Can't Do Any More To Me  
1040 (Shy) Clyde Owens Pitching Wishing Pennies No Tomorrows For Me  
1045 Gene Hood Lips That Taste Of Honey Just Another Heartache (To Go Thru)  
1046 Jim Parks Not Since Adam Could I  
1047 Bill Wesley While She's Dreaming (I'm Walking The Floor) The Love I Have For You  
1048 Bill Floyd Three Times Loser Here We Go Again  
1050 Don Rogers I Lost The Moon I'm Gonna Love Again  
1055 Clyde Gladson Play Me A Sad Song Look At Me  
1060 Al White Just Ain't My Day Between Conscience And Desire  
1065 z-Unknown      
1070 Sandy Brooks Gold Wedding Ring I Didn't Have The Heart  
1071 Ray Hobbs Daddy, Where Is Mommy I Hurt Too Much To Die  
1075 Red Kirk Sleep Little Brother It's Nothing To Me  
1080 Red Bailey Toddy Time In Texas Married By The Bible  
1085 Bob Johnson A Day Late And A Dollar Short Tears Of A Clown  
1090 Coleman O'Neal Heartbreak Express Six Rooms Of Sadness  
1095 Danny & Dee Two Of A Kind Almost A Heartache  
1100 Skelton Brothers The Beginning Of The End Meet Me Halfway  
1105 Jerry Savoy Make It Hard For Me Where Can A Poor Man Go  
1110 Little Willy Brown Big 'Un If You Ever Get Worried  
1115 Skinny (Clark) & George (Adams) After You The Hurtin' Game  
1120 Bob Johnson Me And Misfortune How Many People Are You  
1125 Ray Langley Ole Rover Mesmerisement  
1130 Jerry Green Tripod, The Three Legged Dog To Please A Pretty Woman  
1135 Lewis Pruitt Big Wheel From Boston I'll Never Take Another Drink Again  
1140 Ray Kirkland Annie Poverty It's Been That Way  
1145 Bob Andrews The Town Is Red She Gets Me There  
1150 Red Bailey Eat, Drink, And Be With Mary Want In One Hand, Shell Peas In The Other  
1155 Larry Kirby Country Western Hippy Like I Was Free  
1160 Louie Valentine I've Gotta Stay High Practice What You Preach  
1165 Mike Pritchett The High Willows Cried Turtle Neck  
1170 Bill Harris Snoozing Forty Pound Chicken  
1175 Skelton Brothers Always It's You If I Had You In A Jug  
1180 Jerry Savoy Foot In Mouth Disease Falling Apart At The Seams  
1185 Sammy Poole Johnny Bigfoot Take Your Time 1968
1190 Sammy Poole Snowball I Heard The Bells Of Christmas  
1195 Ronnie Thompson Hardin's Jail Has Your Wedding Ring Tarnished  
1200 Red Bailey Get Up This Morning, Mary I've Just Gotta Get Home  
1205 Sylvia Marie Mama, Daddy Gonna Be A Big Girl Now  
1210 Duane Wilson Give The World Another Try Heartache Hangover  
1215 Bobby Bryant I'm Crying On The Inside Conscience  
1220 Susie Southworth Two Rolls Of Scotch Tape Break All The Bright Lights  
1225 Bob Andress Blindfold Of Love New You  
1230 Montie Mead Chosen Few It's Already Too Late  
1235 Eddie Ray As Long As You Go Reassuring Love  
1240 Red Bailey I Want To Thank You Leaving Well Enough Alone  
1245 Ralph Myers Farther I Go Where No Man Should Be  
1250 Skelton Brothers I'll Hate Me In The Morning Too Cold To Burn  
1255 Eddie Ray I Can Cry Alone Reaching Too High  
1260 Denzil Alcorn Bleeding Heart When Will The Hurting Stop  
1265 Bobby Dee Iím A Rich Man No More Truck Stops  
1270 Bobby Zehm Sitar Pickin' Man Blow Me Down A Rat Hole Backwards  
1275 Teresa Holt You Deserve Him I'm Old Enough  
1280 Betty & Joe Long Running Out Of Love Stop & Think It Over  
1285 Bob Mills She's As Close To An Angel I'm Taking Care Of Things Here At Home  
1072 Warren Robb Pick Of The Week I've Got Nothing  
2001 z-Unknown

2002 Charlie Kellogg Big Fat Stella When I Get Over Drinking  
2003 z-Unknown

GR-2004 Leamon Sisters I'll Regret It In The Morning The Worst Fools Of All