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Music Town Discography

Number Artist A Side Title B Side Title Release Date
001 Gibson, Joe Jemima (What Took You So Long) Lonely Hearts Club 1968
002 Eaton, Connie Davy Jones' Locker A Million Shades Of Blue 1968
003 Kirkland, Ray Made In Japan Let It Ride 1968
004 Wiggs, Charlie Pound By Pound Paper Wings 1968
005 Cumberlands Friendly Place To Cry Rosa Lea  
006 Martin, Ronnie Beauty Is The Eye Mister Memory  
007 Gibson, Joe Old Friend Born To Be Unlucky  
008 Kirkland, Ray Girls Are Like That (Yeah They Are) The Outcasts  
009 Friemon, Matt I've Done Wrong For So Long (I Think I'm Doing Right) The Key  
010 Cumberlands Butcher Boy Monday Morning Train  
011 Berry, Debra All American Sport Cold Wind  
012 Kirkland, Ray Leaning On Your Ever Loving Arms My Baby's Workin'  
013 Wiggs, Charlie I'm Afraid To Try In The Middle  
014 Martin, Ronnie All Said & Done & Satisfied Just Be There  
015 Lindell, Candy Game Of Chance Private Line To My Heart  
016 King, Grant The Traveling Salesman Story How Could You Forget Me  
017 Skelton, Eddie You're The Last Thing (That I Want To Lose) Enough To Bring Me Home  
018 Sanders, Joe Smaller Than The Bottle Memphis Woman  
019 Brown, Gene Force Of Habit Watching Plaster Fall  
020 Pruitt, Lewis We're Going Down Together If You've Been Better Than I've Been  
021 Brock, Jerry That Fool Keeps Mocking Me Your Memory Crossed My Heart  
022 Aycock, Debra Gone To Mama's You're The One Who Named Me  
023 King, Grant Thought I'd Let You Know The Coal Mines of West Virginia 1969
024 Skelton, Eddie What Once Was Us Let Me Be With You Forever 1969
025 Brown, Gene Long Brown Hair Something Ain't Right  
026 Becker, Bob Restless River Jealousy  
MT-0050 Riley, Brenda Easy Touch Give A Litle  
MT-0055 Don Willis The Brighter Side Of Life Can't Find The Feeling 1974
MT-1000 Carpenter, Tommy I've Been Barred From Every Honky Tonk Daddy  
MT-1001 Baker, Freddy (If There's Anything I Can't Stand, It's) Crawling Back Closing Cost  
MT-1002 z-Unknown      
MT-1003 Kemp, Tommy Silence Donít Expect Me To Stop Loving You 1972
MTA-1000 Brown, Gene China Girl "This is the only LP on Music Town"