Connie was born March 1st 1950 in Nashville, TN. the daughter of Grand Ole Opry entertainer Robert Eaton. In 1968 The Tennessean named her the "discovery of the year". While she was attending David Lipscomb College she won runner-up in the Miss Nashville beauty/talent contest. By 1968 she was appearing on the Lawrence Welk Show and the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout shows in addition to her appearances on Hee Haw. 1968 saw her signed to her first recording contract. Cliff Williamson signed her to Musictown Records where she released Davy Jones Locker b/w A Million Shades Of Blue. In 1969 she signed with Chart Records and released her first LP "I've Got Life to Live" Her fourth single on Chart, "Angel Of The Morning" proved to be her first top 40 hit. She and Dave Peel hit in 1970 with "Hit The Road Jack". Cash Box and Record World both voted Connie 1970's "Most Promising Female Vocalist". In December 1974 Connie left Chart and signed with ABC/Dunhill Records, which was later absorbed into ABC Records. She had a top 25 hit with "Lonely Men, Lonely Women" in 1975. She later recorded for Enterprise Records but then vanished from the scene. Cliff & Connie met in high school and were married shortly thereafter. The union only lasted 4 years but they were blessed with a daughter, Cortney. Connie suffered much of her life with depression and, unfortunately, died September 30th 1999 of cancer. The world lost a great talent. If anyone would care to provide some information, I'd gladly put it here.

Date of Birth: March 1, 1950
Where Born: Nashville, Tennessee

    Connie was born in the year that her father, Bob Eaton, a former Opry performer, had his successful record Second Hand Heart. By the time she was 14, she was a talent to watch. The Tennessean newspaper named her as the discovery of 1964. She attended David Lipscomb College but was suspended for leaving the dormitory after hours. However , she redeemed herself by becoming the runner up in the Miss Nashville beauty talent contest.
By 1968, she had won an acting award and then met Cliff Williamson, A & R man for Chart Records ; they later married. Connie started to appear on TV talent shows and beat the Carpenters into second place on one. She made appearances on the Lawrence Welk Show and Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts as well as Hee Haw. In 1969, Connie signed with Chart Records and released her fust album, I Got Life to Live. It was with her third single of the year that success came her way . The song Angel of the Morning would later provide both Juice Newton and Merrilee Rush with major hits, but in Connie's hands, it reached the Top 40. Shortly after, she got into a duet mode, first with Tony Martin and then with actor/singer David Peel. With Peel she cut the 1970 album Hit the Road Jack. The single of that name made the Top 50. The follow-up single, It Takes Two, had originally come out of the Motown stable via Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston. Connie and David took it into the Top 60.
    Cash Box and Record World both voted Connie "Most Promising Female Vocalist " in 1970. She had two more solo entries on Chart , but her chart strike rate left a lot of good records not being successful. She stayed with the label until 1973 without any further action. It was not until she moved to Dunhill Records in 1974 that she tasted a sizable hit. Lonely Men, Lonely Women hit the charts in 1975 and reached the Top 25 and was on the charts for some three months . Shortly afterward, Dunhill was absorbed into ABC Records and they released just one single, If I Knew Enough to Come Out of the Rain, which just scraped into the Top 100. Since then, Connie released sides on Musictown and Enterprise , but then she vanished from the scene. (Source: The Ultimate Enclyclopedia of Country Music & it's Performers)

"I Got Life to Live" (Chart)(1969)
"Hit the Road Jack" (Chart)(1970) [With David Peel]
"SomethingSpecial" (Chart)(1971)
"Connie Eaton" (ABC)(1975)