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Sugar Hill Discography

Number Artist A Side Title B Side Title Release Date
SH-001 Howard. Dewey Has Anyone Here Seen Anna Riley Willard Crabtree's Running For Trustee  
SH-002 Day, Jackie I Keep Forgetting It's The Same Old Song \ Unchained Melody  
SH-003 Smith, Raymond A. Fifteen Years Ago What's Wrong This Time, Baby  
SH-004 Cushman, Mike From Nashville To Dallas Let Someone Else Be The One  
SH-005 Smith, Raymond A. Love Gets Sweeter I've Seen Her Face A Thousand Times  
SH-006 Ferguson, John The Ballad Of Atlanta Dying In The Living Room  
SH-007 Gunn, Stan I'll Be There Dead & Gone  
SH-008 Lamb, Janice Sounds That Only Those In Love Can Hear I'm A Woman Now  
SH-009 Smith, Raymond A. Here's To The Woman's Liberation
SH-010 Brock, Jerry Ashes In The Wind Dark Shadows (Following Me)  
SH-011 Gunn, Stan A Vision Of Blindness We're All The Same Size 12/21/70
SH-012 Lynn, Julie Why Did You Love Me Yesterday Come Summertime  
SH-013 Yarbrough, Bob You're Just More A Woman In The Palm Of My Hand  
SH-014 Smith, Raymond A. One Night To Remember Roll, Train, Roll  
SH-015 Margo I'm A Lady Get Me My Crying Towel 07/15/71
SH-016 Yarbrough, Bob Because God Made You Mine My Woman Satisfies  
SH-017 Albert, Urel C & W Meets R & B I'm Free From Your Love  
SH-018 Yarbrough, Bob When's The Last Time You Make My Day  
SH-019 Kirby, Mike Back To The Bar What You See In The Wine  
SH-020 Hart, John Anthony A Yard To Play In Skip High, Skip Low  
SH-021 Yarbrough, Bob Rose, You've Left A Thorn In My Heart My Woman Satisfies  
SH-022 Dae, Toni He Liked To Kill Touch Of Heaven  
SH-023 Yarbrough, Bob Eight O'clock Saturday Night You Make My Day  
SH-024 Yarbrough, Bob Before I Knew Love Was Here Eight O'clock Saturday Night  
SH-25 Van Horn, Ron Sugar Woman Happiness Is To Be With You  
026 Boire, Dave Country Girl Needs The Country
Possibly the second LP on the label.