Truck Driving Cat With Nine Wives

CHM/CHS-1005 (1968)

Side 1:
Trucking Driving Cat with Nine Wives (Jim Nesbitt)
Living the Life of Riley (Jim Nesbitt)

I'm Yeller (Jim Nesbitt)

She Didn't Come Home (Jim Nesbitt)
So Many Times (Jim Nesbitt)
The Friendly Undertaker (Jim Nesbitt)

Side 2:
Quittin' Time (Helm)

Social Security (Jim Nesbitt)
I Ain't Never Been Passed (Walls-Gibson)
The Husband is the Last One To Know (Jim Nesbitt)
Intoxicated, Frustrated Me (Pruitt)
A Tiger In My Tank (Jim Nesbitt)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson



    Great! . . . Fantastic! . . . A gas! . . . Those are just a few of the words heard during the recording sessions. The real "pros" who work the sessions in Music City, U.S.A., aren't usually this enthusiastic in their statements about a performer. So when you do hear these comments you know the performer must really have something.
    When you first put the needle down on this record you will know that Jim Nesbitt really does "have something." This is the Jim Nesbitt who has kept you laughing for several years with hilarious hits like Looking for More in `64, Still Alive in `65, The Friendly Undertaker and many other rib-tickling tunes. Now, this is Jim Nesbitt pulling at your heartstrings too, making you feel every heartache in She Didn't Come Home and Social Security. With this album Jim establishes the fact that he is not just a novelty-type recording artist, but that he can sing a ballad just as well as he does the novelty songs.
    Of course, we wouldn't dare neglect mentioning the great job Jim does on the upbeat, novelty material included in this album. Truck Drivin' Cat with Nine Wives is sure to be one of the big hits of the year, and for that reason this album was named after the song. This tune will soon be a favorite of the truck drivers as well as other country music fans from coast to coast. Quittin' Time, which Jim has out as a single, is a song that expresses the thoughts and feelings that most of us have had at one time or another, and will be appreciated by working folk everywhere. A Tiger in My Tank was also one of Jim's big records a while back.
    Those who have seen Jim Nesbitt on his personal appearance tours have been greatly impressed by his performances and his warm, friendly personality. His great style is heard throughout this album and will bring you many hours of listening enjoyment.

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