Pickiní Wild Mountain Berries
CHS-1030 - (1970)

Side 1:
Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries Duet (Thomas-McRee-Thomas)
We Don't Deserve Each Other Duet (Jerry Lane)
Looking Over Our Shoulders Duet (Stephens-Gibson)
You And Your Sweet Love LaWanda (Bill Anderson)
The Bridge Washed Out Kenny (Melshee-Williamson)

Side 2:

Eye To Eye Duet (Gibson)
Let's Think About Where We're Going Duet (Bob Yarbrough)
Always, Always Duet (Joyce McCord)
The Part In Between Kenny (Kenny Vernon-Cliff Williamsom)
Down In The Boondocks LaWanda (Joe South)

Produced by:
Cliff Williamson & Joe Gibson


Album Design by Dan Quest Art Studio


    Lawanda Lindsey could easily wear the title "Miss Southern Personality". You fall in love with her immediately because she's so charming and down to earth. Lawanda is one of the busiest girls in the business as she attends high school in Savannah, Georgia, travels to Nashville to record and tape various TV shows, appears as a regular on Jamboree USA in Wheeling, W. Va., and doing as many personal appearances as time will permit.
    Kenny Vernon is truly a showman as well as a fine singer. He and his band cause much excitement each year playing the Fender Room and show during the DJ convention in Nashville. Kenny spends several weeks each year playing the Vegas club circuit and many personals and finds little time to spend on his ranch near Albuquerque, N.M.
    Lawanda and Kenny's first duet single "Eye To Eye" was an instant hit. "Pickin Wild Mountain Berries", their big hit single, looks like it is headed to the top as this album, by the same title, is being released. Their versatility in putting everything into a song, wheather it be ballad or beat, really comes through in the selections included in this album.
    After listening to this album, we think you will agree that the sounds of Kenny and Lawanda are the NOW Sounds of The Seventies