What's New

A List of updates to the Web Site

28 Jan 2007 - Added Carl & Pearl Butler, mp3s for chs-1051, Maxine Brown, and others.....

21 Jan 2007 - Added Connie Eaton, LaWanda Lindsey, and Lloyd Green in the Artists Pages.

17 Jan 2007 - Added LP's CHS-1042 thru CHS-2056 except CHS-1051 & added LP's CSS-3000 & CSS-3001. Enjoy!

07 Jan 2007 - Added LP's CHS-1001 thru CHS-1041 and CLP-6500.  All files are in MP3 format.  Since I don't have all the artists pages completed as yet, you can listen to the music by going to the discography page and clicking on Chart LP's.  Then click on the LP you want to hear, then click the listen button.  Enjoy!

06 Dec 2006 - Finally uploaded the first of the updates.  Many changes from the old site, just dig in and have fun!